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4 Great Secret Spots to Check Out In Florida

Millions of people head to Florida each year to various reasons. Mainly, people enjoy spending time in Florida to see all the fun and exciting attractions the Sunshine state has to offer. A family can only go to Disney World and the popular Florida golf courses so many times, however, before they will want to find someplace new.

Since Florida has so many amazing attractions that are incredibly popular, there isn’t too much room to breathe at these places. That’s where some of the more secretive Florida destinations come in. Though there are plenty of Florida spots that the world knows about, there are just as many — if not more — secret spots that you and your family should check out.

From Miami to the five regions of the Florida Keys (Key Largo, Islamorada, Big Pine, Key West, and the Lower Keys), here are some of the greatest secret spots to checkout across Florida:


    • Bahia Honda State Park — Consisting of over 500 acres of amazing Florida real estate, Bahia State Park is a great destination for anyone. Whether you’re traveling from the mid-west or have lived in Florida your entire life, you might not have known about this great park. Head to the Florida Keys for this beautiful beach off mile marker 37.


    • Santa Rosa Beach — This beach is located on the Florida panhandle and is truly one of Florida’s hidden gems. There are plenty of high quality restaurants nearby with a vibrant nightlife and breathtaking historical gardens and monuments to checkout as well.


    • Blowing Rocks Preserve — Providing a fantastic view, this environmental preserve found on Jupiter Island is home to the largest Anastasia limestone outcropping on the east coast of the state. The beach gives off a truly unique allure and a view that you’ll never forget.


    • Mount Dora — A lovely 100-year-old village with some charming real estate, this is an excellent area filled with amazing antiques to check out. Dubbed the “Bass Capital of the World,” is a great place for you and your family to get away from overpopulated areas of the state. Whether you’re traveling or residing in Florida, check out Mount Dora and grab some great antique treasures to hold on to.

If you’d rather permanently move into one of these unbelievable Florida locations and want to find some available real estate and beautiful available houses for sale, give FLA Keys Properties a call today.

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